File sharing will never die….

On 19 th of January in the name of copyright infringement  a well known file sharing website have been seized by the authority.

I was shocked to see that the U.S authorities could arrest someone and stop a website out of their countries, without any trial before hand. There was also a “legal” use a file sharing, and some people still cannot access there data.  This has upset me. Where is the justice there ? All of that in the name of copyright infringement and piracy?

Anonymous answer have been to attack using DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) all website which have interest of the “Major”. In my opinion this won’t change anything, their website won’t be available for fews days, but that won’t force the major to change behavior towards us (consumers). I have just tried to access the MPAA, and the website work fine now several days afterwards.

The way to fight the lobbyist in my opinion would be more the legal way rather and these sporadic actions. Yes, some could say that Kim Dotcom made profits from the illegal distribution of copyrighted works. However any copyright holder could inform Megauplaod to remove the link of the copyrighted content. If you’re trying to read a bit more on this, he was arrested because he was about to launch a service called MegaBox,  and this service was trying to bypass the industry music or movie distribution as we actually know it. And obviously a massive threat for this industry. And yes this character unknown from the majority of people before 19 of January is described as controversial in the media. But that doesn’t mean he is not right about certains things. He wanted to compete with these majors. And there is nothing wrong with that. Shouldn’t the U.S. for be free market ?

Dear reader, don’t you see that this music /media/ movie industry is wrong and corrupted ?

Wrong because they trying to protect their job so they say, they ‘re saying piracy or files download illegally have cost them millions, billions of loss. But if you think differently, how much how could have made this industry if they understood the new digital world we are living in ? They should understand that file sharing is not crime, and it has never killed any artist. Kim.Dotcom understood our digital world and took the opportunity and created a market and something new.

Corrupted because as they see their interest threaten they’re trying to enforce law in their advantages, more than for the benefit of everyone. Do you know how long a copyright on a content last on the U.S ? According to the law Copyright Term Extension Act, someone who want to use a copyrighted work have to wait 120 years before it can go to the public domain. Was this law made to defend the interest of the creators, or trying to ensure revenue of people such as Walt Disney for life time ? Is this fair and for the benefit of everyone ?

They may have taken MegaUpload, but they will never stop filesharing


The father of computing died…


Few weeks ago a CEO of well know technology company has pass away, and the mediatisation over his death have been far too much in my opinion. And few days afterwards the father of computing died Dennis Ritchie. The mass media have not said much about him because he is almost unknown to everyone,  except the most of people who have studied computer science in the past three decades. Unfortunately people/media prefer to prise someone who wasn’t a programmer, nor a graphist, nor electronics engineer, but who began a simple technician, and who did not even graduate. Yes his has skills. His skill is that he knew how to persuade people he was right.

Dennis Ritchie contributed to create with Brian Kernighan and Ken Thomson  a computing language and UNIX operating systems which are the root of modern computing. The root of C language, and UNIX will remain for a very long time.You can read here an article from Wired which praise to Dennis Ritchie, as he should be praised.
Because I think it’s easier to remember someone who was very good communicator and persuasive, and which does let indiferent. It is also easier because people could associate his name, with the popular phone, tablet,  fancy colorfull computers his company was making.  People embrace him for his talent, his visionary, whereas they should praise the hard work of his employee rather him, and the employee of Foxcon in China.  UNIX  or C language are concepts which remains something difficult to understand, and you cannot make it cool it you’re not interested in computer science.

“UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity” [Dennis Ritchie]

That’s sad to remember someone who claim in 1994 who said without shame a sentence from Picasso “Good artists copy great artists steal”. Several years later his company became the most secret corporation ever, and claim intellectual property for everything they are making.

Do you know Linux Torvald or Richard Stallman ? Do you think they will be remembered like this famous CEO for what they have contributed to the computing world ? Richard Stallman the founder of the Free Software Foundation have been harsh towards him in the recent days, and have a been heavly criticized. Because Richard Stallman fought all his life against the principle of intellectual properties, yes I am not shocked when he said :
I am glad he would not be able to create any more “jails” to lock people in..

If you’re intersted in the Free Software community, I found a webpage there which is a give interesting critics over Richard Stallman, which I think is interesting if you want to read more about it . At least but not at last I found a blog at this page which at counter current despite everyone thinking these days, with more analysis than emotional tribute…

No unfortunately I do not admire him and is not a customer of his products….
Think different … (Stolen from a great company)