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I am returning to this blog after a long time. I changed few things and host it manually from scratch on a Linux machine the cloud rather than automated web services .

Nowdays I feel I am the opposite of social compared to most people online. I am not on any major social network, and never make any comments or part in any discussion or debate online. I tends run stuff on my own without being involved in any community. When I grew up in the 90’s it used to that being a geek was not so much a trending thing as opposed to now.. I guess the term nerd have replace geek, and I don’t want to belong to a specific community but do my own things.

When I started this blog, I had high goals, and always wanted to write a lots of stuff about what I have done, add real value to the blog, write meaningful carefully thought text about technology, but I guess I was wrong a blogging in general as I ended not doing anything at all, and I ended paying every year for a service I did not really use. Afterall, if I don’t make a mistake the meaning of blog is the contraction of web and logging which essentially a too capture your thoughts online. Then social networks came and ask you the questions :

What’s in your mind ?

In fact What’s the social network really say is what’s in your mind so I can monetize this by showing contents you might like. Well my answer to Mark is what’s on my mind is not for sale. As you can see this has not changed. I will always despise these companies But I guess these days I shall be more positive, and write about more other topics than technology. Maybe it will make this blog more lively, and I would finally use this blog, instead of wasting my money running it.

I’ll try….

A new digital world is coming

Since I wrote on this blog a lot have changed in the world. I always have been against big technology corporations telling you how to use technology. From the early days a company imposing an operating system when buying a computer to the web giants looking at your activities online in order to show you online advertisement.

The digital world has changed without us realizing. Since 2013, people started to realize including me, it is no longer those big companies looking on our activity online, but also states who are looking at us. Depending where you are in the world they have different reasons why and ways to do so. Looking back several years ago the politicians did not see the digital age coming, because it was something new that they could not understand. Now they do, or at least starting to understand the implications of technology into the real world.

I am trying to think differently, how do we approach technology.

Dystopia of the Information Age

Dear unknown reader,

I am sure by now you’ve seen how the digital world have changed from age of liberation to a new age where everything we do online is monitored.

As an individual I refuse the fact that the web have been transformed from from place of freedom, to a jail in which you can no longer get out of those big companies. And they’ve very talented to make you believe that they are ubiquitous. I believe that we do have choice

Here is my advice. Saying out loud on their own platform that’re evil won’t changed anything in my view. First because we’re still using their platform, and that make business for them anyway, and they will still be able to monitor you.

If data is their new petrol, and they think it is valuable, Instead giving it to them for free, why not, not giving your data to them

  • Understand Privacy Policies whenever possible
  • Use temporary email address whenever it’s appropriate
  • Use a search engine who respect your privacy
  • Refuse to use a smartphone tied to your email address
  • Refuse to buy online in major platform
  • Live without social media who tracks you online
  • Use Open Source software on your computer/phones
  • Use an add blocker which use obfuscation techniques
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Tor
  • Use your right to delete your data that an organization have about you whenever possible

Maybe by doing all or some of these above, scandals like Cambridge Analytica won’t happen anymore. Hopefully you will exercise you’re free will when you are about to vote.

Some the books on my reading lists among others :

Lost in data

Dear unknown reader,

As time goes along, I feel more and more sad, as I cannot see any hope that things will get better. We’re in a time of information overload, and I am not able to distinguish what’s important from what isn’t.

It’s up to the point that we can no longer make sense of the world we’re living in. This is because there is so much data available we’re not able to process understand it.

We need computers to understand a specific problem.

The next decade

Dear unknown reader,

I did not post any updates for a while now… Since my last post, I now have a smartphone, which is not mainstream, although it looks like simple black squarish smartphone it runs different operating system. (Sailfish OS). This allows me to live a bit off-grid.

That is something I figured out for while now, those companies are trying everything to tie you to their services. In exchanges of tracking your activities online, they can sell advertisement. This have been a very lucrative business for the last decade, and it seems now slowly people start to realize this of invasive they are. Still most of peoples are addicted…

In silicon valley they are preparing what will be next decade, and it seems now that the future of technology will be data and machine learning. It’s really hard to predict what will be the future. However I think we need to understand the world of today but it seems no one really understand what is happening. Only a few have the whole pictures, and know what matters and what does not.

Who would have predicted 20 years ago that those web companies would have so much impact on our daily life, so that everything they do is ubiquitous and now we can’t live without. This has resulted in a major shift of powers from government to those companies, and they are not run democratically. How much do you trust them ? It seems that everyone in the western world loves democracy, and we don’t tolerates dictatures.

Those corporations are now trying to use machines learning, with the all data we have given to them almost for free. What will they do with it ?

Winston Smith

Dear unknow reader,

The other days I saw on the news that they’ve installed a statue of Edwark Snowden in New York., central park I believe. I will find the link later. The statue have been removed from the authorities very shortly after it has been installed. This made me think in kind of society we’re in….Among U.S. citizen he’s consider by some as a hero by the authorities as a traitor a wanted man.

Snowden-BustAs hero because for some people he unveil the hidden part of the mass surveillance system, and showed the general public the scale of it. He did what he tough morally correct beyond his own interest. As a traitor because he unveiled secret documents that have undermine U.S. security and trust over this agency which is responsible for the mass surveillance. Which side will you be ? Do you think we’re in 1984 ?



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29 th February

Today is the 29 th February. Did you do anything special today ? Did you ever met someone who was born 29 th of February ?  Or is it just another day like any other ?

The new cold war is already here

Dear reader,

Thank you for you passing by here. I came across recently an article about Syria from the Guardian, for once a little bit different from what we’re usually can find on the web.

The article related a case whereby a Syrian / Canadian have been arrested in U.S back in late 2002 for suspicion of terrorism. Without any formal charges, he has been deported to Syria, and tortured . After 10 month he has been released, and cleared of any links with terrorist. He received very consequent compensation from the Canadian government. You can read the full article here.

The U.S. officials are now very quiet about this subject, and everyone highlight how the Syrian regime is bad. As the article imply the U.S. has agreement with Syria, to be able to torture people of suspected ties terrorism  “the dark side of war on Terror”. This shows how much U.S. officials have double speech about their foreign politics, when they accused the Syrian regime. Don’t make me wrong I am certainly note defending the Syrian regime about this extremely violent uprising. But dear reader, I guess we should realize we are in cold war not beetwen to Bloc but between multiple poles. And in this cold war that is the Syrian people who pays it unfortunately….

Have the BBC talked about the Bahrain recently ? Again according to the Guardian the U.K have sold £1m to the Bahrain government. Look here. This will certainly be used by the government against a uprising from the population. At the same time fews day ago William Hague make the highlight make comment on Syria and warns of Iran threat to peace of the world.

If Iran develop the bomb, I am sure it won’t be to attack anyone, but to reinforce their power in the middle east. Thus that would mean the western countries loosing controls over the middle east countries, and yes it could threaten the influences of Israel which in position of force because Israel have the nuclear technology.

The stability of this region is essentials for the western economies, because they are dependent on it, and they’re loosing influences, so they currently have a double speech where things arranged them to ensure stability within this region. Meanwhile millions of people suffering in Iran from the repressive regime, in Syria as for the very violent uprising….

In background of all of this there war on ideology between democracy and dictatorship. In the west it is common to promote the democracy values. Unfortunately soon enough I have realized these values are quickly forgotten, when some economic interest, political influence of  a country are in play.

Finally what is the difference between a corrupt democracy in decay, and a dictatorship regime of more than billion people which apply censorship ?



The revolution is global

The current anonymous tends is to blame the bank and the political system for the world uncertainty problem, in the whealthy countries problem. I disagreee with their current way of thinking and will not participate to their movement, because I think it is too easy to blame the only  the bank for the all economic problems as the anonymous tends to lead us think. There is no straight forwad issues on this matter. Nor my speech in favor of the banks interest. The politicians have also participate to set up such a economic systems where the bankers an play.

In 2011 the world have changed in the middle east and magrehb countries  very deeply throught several revolutions or uprising, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and there is also other countries which we don’t hear so much Barhain, Yemen, Maroc, and in Algeria. I believe this has happen because the reality in most of their countries showed a huge differences between  the rich and the poor in addition of a lack of a prospect for the young generation, in addition of massive corruption.  A year ago no would have taught that a such uprising would have been possible. The power is slighly coming back to the people, rather than a few dictators and that’s very good news.

At the same time in Europe, politicals / diplomats / business man , and others officials have made business with those dictators to get natural ressources such as petrol or gas or making business.Stable and corrupted regime in these countries have arranged the Europe interest for long time meanwhile most of European behave as superior, proud of the values it carries such as  human right. For once politicals / diplomats / or any other officials, bankers should learn about what happen in these countries, but I guess they wont. The world is changing and will never be the same again. They should understand that the power is getting back to the people ! You cannot mute people ! If in Europe politics continues to be in favor of a wealth minority, rather than doing a politics in favor of the people then the revolution will spread in Europe, and it could happen more quickly than they taught. I am sure they think now it impossibe ! Like what people would have taught a year ago that dictators would never fall ! The movement for more democracy in Russia is groing.

Where would that movement will go ?

In 2012 there is lot a key elections are coming up in many countries U.S, France, Russia, and the world in this turmoil will change for more revolution I believe. In each of theses three countries many laws were voted in favor of the wealth person to be even more wealthy, and not voted to protect the people citizen despite what they claim. When will that really change ? This situation cannot last for ever.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win” [Mahatma Ghandi]