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I am returning to this blog after a long time. I changed few things and host it manually from scratch on a Linux machine the cloud rather than automated web services .

Nowdays I feel I am the opposite of social compared to most people online. I am not on any major social network, and never make any comments or part in any discussion or debate online. I tends run stuff on my own without being involved in any community. When I grew up in the 90’s it used to that being a geek was not so much a trending thing as opposed to now.. I guess the term nerd have replace geek, and I don’t want to belong to a specific community but do my own things.

When I started this blog, I had high goals, and always wanted to write a lots of stuff about what I have done, add real value to the blog, write meaningful carefully thought text about technology, but I guess I was wrong a blogging in general as I ended not doing anything at all, and I ended paying every year for a service I did not really use. Afterall, if I don’t make a mistake the meaning of blog is the contraction of web and logging which essentially a too capture your thoughts online. Then social networks came and ask you the questions :

What’s in your mind ?

In fact What’s the social network really say is what’s in your mind so I can monetize this by showing contents you might like. Well my answer to Mark is what’s on my mind is not for sale. As you can see this has not changed. I will always despise these companies But I guess these days I shall be more positive, and write about more other topics than technology. Maybe it will make this blog more lively, and I would finally use this blog, instead of wasting my money running it.

I’ll try….

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