Dystopia of the Information Age

Dear unknown reader,

I am sure by now you’ve seen how the digital world have changed from age of liberation to a new age where everything we do online is monitored.

As an individual I refuse the fact that the web have been transformed from from place of freedom, to a jail in which you can no longer get out of those big companies. And they’ve very talented to make you believe that they are ubiquitous. I believe that we do have choice

Here is my advice. Saying out loud on their own platform that’re evil won’t changed anything in my view. First because we’re still using their platform, and that make business for them anyway, and they will still be able to monitor you.

If data is their new petrol, and they think it is valuable, Instead giving it to them for free, why not, not giving your data to them

  • Understand Privacy Policies whenever possible
  • Use temporary email address whenever it’s appropriate
  • Use a search engine who respect your privacy
  • Refuse to use a smartphone tied to your email address
  • Refuse to buy online in major platform
  • Live without social media who tracks you online
  • Use Open Source software on your computer/phones
  • Use an add blocker which use obfuscation techniques
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Tor
  • Use your right to delete your data that an organization have about you whenever possible

Maybe by doing all or some of these above, scandals like Cambridge Analytica won’t happen anymore. Hopefully you will exercise you’re free will when you are about to vote.

Some the books on my reading lists among others :

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