My privacy is not on sale

Dear reader,

Thank you for passing by… I stopped writing for while. I host this blog a hobby to express my view. Life sometimes get you busy with other things, and I did not took the time to write.

Netherless I had plenty of ideas I would like to share talk about. I closed the comment as I received 95% fake comments or ads. Still if you wish to contact me you can do it by email.

If you have read my previous post you’ve maybe found out that I was concerned about privacy before that the scandal triggered by Edward Snowden came up. It’s seems that only the vast majority of us are discovering that we are spied and tracked online. (Governement or Google). On the internet you can read various things pros and cons against Snowden but I find difficult to distinguish between what is true or false and what is right or wrong. I will try on this post to give another perspective over this, and privacy in general.

I think we must distingish between being tracked by a companies and being tracked by the governement. Why does the goverenment spy on us (NSA, or GCHQ )? The govermnent claim is for our national security, and most of normal shoudln’t worried about that. My concern is why it is secret ? How do we know if it has helped to prevent terrorist attack ? The US governement, nor the other develloping country have proved with facts that it was an efficient to use all of this technology to prevent terrorism or protect the country national interest. The NSA activities remain unclear to most us. Many questions remained unanswered. Why collecting and store this huge amount of data ? Is it really efficient ? What exactly is collected ? How long this data is stored ? What do they do with it ? Almost none of us know…. What would you do at Edward Snowden place ? Take the money and live confortable life ? Act with courage and belief of what you think is right at the risk of spoiling your life ? Whatever are his motivation, and whether he is right or wrong he has the merit to have triggered a public debate. This public debate is essential for our democracy rights, and we must continue to push our governement for more answers.

However so far I still blog freely in favour of Edward Snowden without the fear of being arrested. Anyone can read article about him. I am not quite convinced it is completely 1984 yet. So it’s not because I believe the US governement is wrong to hide to the public the NSA activites that US authorities are complety corrupted. So far I don’t think live in fear, I don’t think I would be arrested because I am blogging against the NSA activities. I could be very dangerous and scary if the data collected is to be used against us and our democratic rights, take down political opponents. As far as I know the NSA data have not been used by the DoJ to prosecute anyone as proof of guilt. So things are not so bad as they seems. Intestingly I am not so much concern about it…

I am more concern about Google, and how this company track us for commercial purpose. I have read plenty of article about Google these days. As the NSA scandal rise many journalist now questions Google behaviour and I thinks that good. However I think many of the journalist does not raise the right concern about this company, and does not provide new perspectives…

Let me talk about email among other outrageous things. Did you know that Google open every emails and process it to dress profile for commercial purpose. Google claims it is a machine who does it and respect my privacy. That’s outrageous be to me it’s even worse if it a machine who open my email. Yes it’s worse ! I AM NOT A PROFILE ! I AM NOT A NUMBER ! You have to keep in mind is that

to Google you are just number. If a computer can open your email at Google datacenter, then someone also at Google can open your email. How much do you trust Google ?. Do you know exactly what they do with your personal information ? What information they collect for marketing purpose ? Do you have control over those informations you’re sending about you ? Why store our digital life to their servers ?

That’s why a year ago I decided to stop using Gmail, I transfered all of my emails to another provider outside United States, and I took some time before completely close my account in order to remember all the websites I registered to and tell the person around me that I am changing emails. I have defenitly closed my Google account a month ago, but before that I wanted to deleted all my personal information. It’s amazing that amount of data they store about you ! And it’s not easy to remove them.

They spend millions for their corporate images, and claim that they are good  and have nothing to hide. When would they make their search engine open source ? Never…We do not realize it but we are brainwhased at Google sauce…To me, I think for them you’re just a number their filling the sample of their statistics that they can sell for marketing purpose. The only thing they care is making money at the expense of your privacy whatever they say. That’s why I hate their double speech.

I could also talk about many other things they do, which I despise, such as Android or the Google glass but it’s quite late now…. Briefly they took the open source concept and emptied the real essence out of it. Android is not really open sourc. Only Google decide when to release the sources, and the apps are close source. The direction of the OS is not decided by a community but by Google.

I am taking Google as example because they are the leaders in this field, about it could be any of the high tech companies.

Those companies want to force you use the technology the way they want to make money. But accepting their TOS (Terms of Services) you opened a Pandora box which is very hard to move away….