Think different

Dear reader,

Again thanks for passing by, and read my post. One of my friend  told me I was doing this blog to “defend my ideas.” To be honest I never taught about defending my ideas while doing this blog. I am doing this blog to understand better the technology world and share my ideas. Indeed I can see that we’re in an information world we don’t yet fully understand.

Unfortunately most of people have no concern about information world we are in, and the implications it has over our daily life. The trend is to Love new technology, and at the same time to hate computers. Eg : I Love Apple, but I don’t like technology.

On this post I would like to show that this trends leads to some wider issue which is not obvious to see at first sight. Often you do not realize that the technology will have control over you, more than you having control on technology.

For instance the Mac have been designed to be easy to use, and people believe that it works well compare to others computers and often people says that there no is viruses / malware on their Mac. The latter is first completely false, but most importantly do you realize that most of the time you are bounded how the company wants you to use your computer. Maybe your are not interseted so much in technology.

The easy answer would be: I don’t care as long as it does what I want to do. The common  comparison is with the car. It just works.  However the main purpose of the car to move you or an object from point A to B, whereas a computer a several uses. One of  the major use is the ability to going online.  It is the interface between you and your digital life. What can you do if you don’t have control over it ? On my earlier on my post I spoke briefly spoke about Google fine.  The company has been fined for having spying on their Safari’s user without their consents. (You can see related article here and here) You could say, it is nothing, you have nothing to hide. But to whatever the trend or fashion, that’s one example among others to show you that by trusting these companies you don’t have control over technology and our right to privacy. You’ve been tracked without you knowing it. Maybe you should read 1984 from George Orwell to understand the implications it has on society.

So to I am trying to do this blog to bring up a different point of view about technology and the impact it have on your daily life without using technical language. My goal by doing this blog is not defend my ideas, but I am trying to make you think about technology over our daily life. And remember to think different.