I’m getting eaten by an Apple

Unfortunately these days, Apple products are becoming more and more popular. People like their products, and nowadays it seems the fashion to have a their products, and I often hear people saying it is company which innovates.

I see in Apple only restrictions and I don’t think that’s a company which innovates, despite everyone thinking. The have setup it is business model which they are trying to protect more than innovate in my opinion.

For instance the Apple Store. As the phone became popular, people have started to write application on their platform and Apple reserve the right to choose which application they want via this central platform. In my opinion it is the people who innovates by introducing news ideas, new applications, towards their devices platform, hence it is not Apple which innovates. Moreover Apple takes 30% of an application cost and reserves the right to choose whether or not to publish it. Mr Jobs doesn’t want flash on his devices because flash technology would allow running many application without their control and that is a threat to his very lucrative business model.

More recently Apple is trying to forbid the sales of their tablet competitors in Europe. The official reason is because the design of their competitors tablet products is very similar and Apple claim there is copyright infringement. But in my opinion the real reason is to protect their market in Europe as they don’t want to lose market shares.

Again by this practice Apple does not seek to innovate. They did not invent the tablet concept which was already there before hand. It is just how they advertise, and communicate in the mass media.

There is a lot a of other reasons on technical aspects and some others why I will never buy Apple. Meanwhile this company everywhere and I feel surrounded, I’ll resist.

Think different