Dear reader,

You may find out that I am a French speaker, and a lot of sources I will try to spread may be in French. However all my post will in the language of shakespeare. Today I would like to talk about Somalia. Nobody cares what happen there, because the media does not widely cover it.It only covered it when an occidental is kidnapped by hijackers. The Guardian said another region of Somalia will be in famine. (Article is here), and still from the same source :

The UN says 750,000 people are now at risk of death in the next four months if there is no adequate response, an increase from the July figure of 350,000.

This country had been at war since now 20 years and situation is becoming dramatic there. Still nobody cares in U.S or Europe more busy to talk about the economy. If you speak French you may would like to look at these documents from channel Arte at this address here

The image is from this article in English there. You may also find more information about it. Paul Moreira went to Somalia to investigate about the toxic waste traffic. He went to interview the hijackers. Apparently you can find on the beach barrels containing toxic waste. Occidental companies did not want to pays for these waste so they dropped in Somalia where nobody cares about it. Paul Moreira explain that this happen because of  occidental companies  but also some Somalian officials which were corrupt and let things happen quietly. Therefore things are grey and may not be what people think. That may also be one the reason which hijackers appears where nobody really rules the country.

Also few years ago I remember and interview from someone involved in Somalia in humanitarian organisation. He explained as civil happened in Somalia that, they had to buy weapons to defend themselves against some miliita. He was wondering what to do. After reflexion he said that it was useless to continue to be in Somalia as he did not want to buy weapon, and be part of this war in another way. His mission was to heal people not kill them.

What followed was a long time of civil war between militia or Musilms/Christian and no humanitarian organisation there and left the country in chaos. There is no official government since 1991. And there is famine now, and as I said at the begining of my post nobody cares…This country is not online…

What can the Anoymous do about it ?