Privacy threats

Dear unknown reader

Since few days I have been looking to the Anonymous videos on line. I have been searching for a more construct pledge about their ideology, more than their campaign for their new operations such as Occupy Wall Street on 17 th September. We can agree or disagree with the mean they use to spread their ideas. I don’t feel belong to a group because I would like to keep my freedom of thinking and actions. For now I’m writing a blog with to share ideas.

I think this movement is growing and will be growing even further. Government cannot ignore this movement anymore. Everybody would like to be free. On the other way around when you feel oppressed it means that part of your freedom is taken away.  And we should protect our freedom that is why I am trying to spread the anonymous ideas .

I would like to emphasis some points which may have been not highlighted by the group before on this blog.

Google is taking seriously our right to privacy and so they say, no confidential will be used outside of the company. Eric Schmitt state few years ago

if there is something you don’t anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing in it the first place.

And moreover he says judgment matter. I remember to have a conversation with someone who told me he doesn’t care as he did nothing wrong in his life, and he think that’s not a problem if someone read private emails with his girlfriend. He has nothing to hide he says. The problem here, that  he doesn’t don’t think further in my opinion.

Eric Schmitt also said that his company must comply with United State law Patriot Act. It means that if the government may have access to information about you. People such as my friend would say that’s all right, I am not a criminal nor a terrorist so I don’t care about it. Indeed Judgment matters here.  Government may not want to look for individuals, such as my friend but may would like to survey civilian may not fit to system made for us. Recently Google agreed in 2010 to share information to the NSA to prevent cyber attacks, so they say. Check this link from the Whasington Post there

As our privacy goes away and it may become like 1984 from George Orwell without no one to notice it has happen. Everyone enjoys Google services, Facebook at what cost ? Dear reader let me ask you a question?

How much of privacy are you ready to trade off for Google services?

Think carefully about it the previous question. No one can answer for you. I believe that if part of your privacy goes away it is also part of your freedom which goes away.

Thanks for reading.